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Birthdate:Mar 12


Fuckin'... What the fuckin' fuck... Who the fuck...
Fuck this fuckin'... How did you two fuckin' fucks... Fuck!
Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.

ccs -> fruitstyle

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13~14, ac/dc, angelus, apple pie, ari gold, ats, ben and claudia, ben edlund, bisexual, bisexuality, bitchface!sam, black sabbath, books, boondock saints, bosco, bradley james, bradley/colin, brian krakow, brokeback mountain, cameron/john, charisma carpenter, cheesecake, cine, classic rock, colin morgan, cordy, dark angel, david duchovny, dean winchester, dexter, donnie darko, doujinshi makes all better, drama, el camino a casa, emile hirsch, eric kripke, faith no more, fanboy!dean, fanfic, farscape, freaks & geeks, gillian anderson, good times kripke, guitar hero, hairspray, hardcore heavy punki, harry potter, heath ledger, how i met your mother, icons, impala, incubus, jake gyllenhaal, james franco/seth rogen, jared padalecki, jason wiles, jensen ackles, jimi hendrix, john winchester, john/cameron, jsquared, katie cassidy, kim manners, kurt cobain, lame lame lame, led zeppelin, lola rennt, matching tattoos, melaka fray, men in eyeliner, merlin, merlin/arthur, mulder, mulder/scully, my so-called life, mystery spot, nirvana, no-tenemos-tiempo-para-tu-blahblahblah, photoshop, piercings, qaf, rent, robert singer, rps, ruby, sam winchester, sarcasm, saturday night live, scully, sera gamble, sera gamble marry me, seth cohen, sheldon/penny, smut, special agent dale cooper, star wars, subtext, sugus de piña, supernatural, supernatural trouble profile, tbbt, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, the big bang theory, the x files, the-epic-love-story-of-sam and-dean, the-third-character-of-supernatural-samanddean, third watch, tv, tv shows, twin peaks, ust, velvet goldmine, vidding, vids, wincest, y tu mama tambien
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